Guiding Principles

The Talentem Group


We are, uniquely, Gifted and Talented Individuals. We shall Encourage and Respect the contributions that each member brings to the TalentumGroup.


We shall be Open-Minded Individuals. The sharing of ideas, to enhance the overall effectiveness of the TalentumGroup, will always be received positively by all TalentumGroup Members.


We shall strive to always seek the truth – anything short of this will not be tolerated by any TalentumGroup Member.


We shall accomplish, what we do, together. As the TalentumGroup. We shall share our success, and never let anyone fail alone.


We shall keep those promises made to each other. We shall say what we mean, and do what we say. We shall Trust each other.


When challenged, we will each choose to roll up our sleeves rather than wring our hands.


We will develop our abilities, as individuals, and take pride in them as a member of the TalentumGroup. We shall set our standards high, and help each Member achieve and maintain those Standards.


We shall be unselfish and expect all TalentumGroup members to exhibit this same quality. We will care about each other without expectations.


We shall set aside any thought of personal gain, and shall act solely for the benefit of those we serve and/or the TalentumGroup.